Professionalism and dedication
We know how to develop, implement, and support IT systems
that will move your organization forward.

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Dedicated professionals, who have so far steered a humble
one-man firm to become one of the country’s 500 fastest growing
IT companies.
  • David Meredith
    VP of Business Development and Customer Service
    David has over 8 years of experience in Protect and People Management and overseeing physical implementation phase of project management. He is responsible of making sure each task is completed on schedule and within budget m meet and exceed expectations of our customers.
  • Igor Grebenyuk
    VP Finance and Operations
    Igor has over 3 year experience in implementing and supporting back office accounting management systems and implementing state of the art order fulfilment, time tracking and customer management systems.
  • Mikhail Karasev
    President & CIO
    Mikhail founded Charter Tech Inc. as a company in 2004. Since Men the company has grown to Include a staff of 15 full time network engineers and a state of the art 5000 square foot facility In Livonia and sales of over 54M per year In 2014.
    Before Charter Tech Mikhail worked as a Lead Project Manager for over 5 year, developing and implementing complex information Technologies projects and support services for variety of government, education and small to medium business customers.
We have put together a wonderful team of devoted tech professionals, constantly working to improve service by implementing defined, repeatable and measurable processes and procedures aligned with industry best practices. Their mission is to provide on-the-point tech solutions to our customers and make sure they operate efficiently on the daily basis.
Our Installation Team is engaged in designing comprehensive methods and facility modifications for equipment installation and cabling. They develop easily scalable individual solutions, that have the capacity to meet customer’s future IT infrastructure.